Diagnostics and Air Conditioning Services in South Norfolk

Did you know that it is currently illegal to recover or charge refrigerant in any motor vehicle air conditioning system unless a person meets the current F Gas (Fluorinated greenhouse gases) requirements? F Gases are potent greenhouse gases whose effects can be much worse than carbon dioxide and, if let out into the atmosphere, can affect global warming. At Surlingham Garage we are proud to boast that we have two F Gas qualified technicians who know how to detect and dispose of these powerful gases safely.

Air Conditioning Detection and Removal

For your peace of mind, Surlingham Garage can carry out a complete F Gas detection and removal service during your car servicing or diagnostics check up. The process of removing these gases is simple.

Leak Detection

There are a number of ways to check manually if your car has a fault with its air conditioning. Simple tests such as noise from the car when air-conditioning is switched on, windows not clearing properly or a strange smell from the heating system can all point to an issue with your unit. For an in-depth check our garage has the Vulkan Technologies Loctrace leak detection, a revolutionary system that uses a unique gas mix and special detector to quickly and safely find leaks in the automotive systems.

Leak Removal and Air Con Recharge

In order to ensure that your air con unit is completely and safely recharged, Surlingham Garage uses the KOOLKARE BLIZZARD. This accurate, fully automatic tool;

Recovers and safely stores any refrigerant stored in the vehicle

Vacuums system prior to recharge

Recharges systems with specific refrigerant weight

Measures and replaces any oil removed.

Sanitizes cabin to kill bacteria in evaporator

Adds florescent leak detection dye

Air Conditioning Costs

The cost of our air condition services vary depending on the amount of time used and the level of service that you choose to employ.

Air conditioning leak detection starts at 28.60 inc VAT based on 1/2 hour standard labour rate

Air conditioning service without evaporator sanitizer 57.60 inc VAT*

Air conditioning full service with evaporator sanitizer 69.00 inc VAT*

*Subject to vehicles using one evaporator only (majority of vehicles only have one evaporator)

Get In Touch

To book your vehicle in for a complete air conditioning service, car body repairs servicing or a complete diagnostics service, please feel free to get in touch. Simply call us on the number provided at the top of this page, or come and see us directly in our garage today.

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